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Malicious links can be crafted by users and shown in the UI


Unpatched versions of Weave GitOps Enterprise are vulnerable to a cross-site scripting (XSS) bug allowing a malicious user to inject a javascript: link in the UI. When clicked by a victim user, the script will execute with the victim's permission.

The exposure appears in Weave GitOps Enterprise UI via a GitopsCluster dashboard link. An annotation can be added to a GitopsCluster custom resource.

kind: GitopsCluster
name: demo-02
namespace: default
annotations: "javascript:alert('hello there ' + window.localStorage.getItem('name'));"

The attacker does not need access to the Weave GitOps UI to craft an attack. It could be crafted by modifying the resources via Git repository or Kubernetes API.




Given that the exposure comes from modifications done in GitopsCluster objects, the mitigation comes around establishing the controls to avoid that an attacker could modify them.

  1. Via Git, by ensuring that no modifications to GitopsCluster are done without review or control that avoids it.
  2. Via Kubernetes API, by ensuring that access to GitopsCluster resources is properly protected via RBAC.


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