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Weave Gitops Security

This document defines security reporting, handling, disclosure, and audit information for Weave Gitops.

Security Process

Report a Vulnerability

  • To make a report please email the private security list at with the details. We ask that reporters act in good faith by not disclosing the issue to others.
  • Reported vulnerabilities are triaged by Weaveworks Security team.
  • Weaveworks Security team would acknowledge to the reporter for any valid request.
    You will be able to choose if you want public acknowledgement of your effort and how you would like to be credited.


  • All reports are thoroughly investigated by the Security Team.
  • Any vulnerability information shared with the Security Team will not be shared with others unless it is necessary to fix the issue. Information is shared only on a need to know basis.
  • As the security issue moves through the identification and resolution process, the reporter will be notified.
  • Additional questions about the vulnerability may also be asked of the reporter.


Vulnerability disclosures announced publicly. Disclosures will contain an overview, details about the vulnerability, a fix that will typically be an update, and optionally a workaround if one is available.

We will coordinate publishing disclosures and security releases in a way that is realistic and necessary for end users. We prefer to fully disclose the vulnerability as soon as possible once a user mitigation is available. Disclosures will always be published in a timely manner after a release is published that fixes the vulnerability.


Here is an overview of all our published security advisories.

Weave Gitops OSS

DateCVESecurity AdvisorySeverityAffected version(s)
2022-06-23CVE-2022-31098Weave GitOps leaked cluster credentials into logs on connection errorsCritical<= 0.8.1-rc.5

Weave Gitops Enterprise

DateCVESecurity AdvisorySeverityAffected version(s)
2022-08-27CVE-2022-38790Malicious links can be crafted by users and shown in the UICritical< v0.9.0-rc.5