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Version: 0.38.0

Backstage Plugin for Flux

Are you running Backstage and Flux? Do you want to expose the state of your Flux resources in your Backstage portal?

The @weaveworksoss/backstage-plugin-flux Backstage plugin provides a set of components that you can add to your existing Backstage app to display the state of Flux resources.


We provide the full installation instructions in the plugin repository. But first you will need to install the Kubernetes plugin and configure it to access the clusters you want to query Flux resources from.

You will need to install the plugin to your frontend app:

# From your Backstage root directory
yarn add --cwd packages/app @weaveworksoss/backstage-plugin-flux

Then add the components you want to your EntityPage.

Currently, the Backstage plugin provides the following components:

  • EntityFluxDeploymentsCard - shows a combined view of HelmReleases and Kustomizations
  • EntityFluxSourcesCard - shows a combined view of GitRepositories, OCIRepositories and HelmRepositories
  • EntityFluxHelmReleasesCard
  • EntityFluxKustomizationsCard
  • EntityFluxGitRepositoriesCard
  • EntityFluxOCIRepositoriesCard
  • EntityFluxHelmRepositoriesCard

For example, to add the EntityFluxHelmReleasesCard to your Entity home page for components with the entity annotation.

import {
} from '@weaveworksoss/backstage-plugin-flux';
import { isKubernetesAvailable } from '@backstage/plugin-kubernetes';

const overviewContent = (
<Grid item md={6}>
<EntityAboutCard variant="gridItem" />

<EntitySwitch.Case if={isKubernetesAvailable}>
<EntityFluxHelmReleasesCard />

When you view components with the correct annotation:

kind: Component
name: catalogue-service
description: A microservices-demo service that provides catalogue/product information
annotations: podinfo

This will query across your configured clusters for HelmReleases that have the correct label:

kind: HelmRelease
name: podinfo
namespace: podinfo
# The label here is matched to the Backstage Entity annotation
labels: podinfo
interval: 5m
chart: podinfo
version: '6.3.6'
kind: HelmRepository
name: podinfo
namespace: podinfo

Entity Overview

Building a Custom Page with Resources

Instead of displaying the state on the overview page, it's possible to compose a page displaying the state of resources.

For example, to add a page /kustomizations to your Entity for components with the entity annotation:

import {
} from '@weaveworksoss/backstage-plugin-flux';
import { isKubernetesAvailable } from '@backstage/plugin-kubernetes';

const serviceEntityPage = (
// insert in the page where you need it

<EntityLayout.Route path="/kustomizations" title="Kustomizations" if={isKubernetesAvailable}>
<Grid container spacing={3} alignItems="stretch">
<Grid item md={12}>
<EntityFluxKustomizationsCard />
<Grid item md={12}>
<EntityFluxGitRepositoriesCard />

Custom Kustomizations Page

Connecting to Weave GitOps

You can connect the plugin to your Weave GitOps installation through your config:

title: Backstage Example App
baseUrl: http://localhost:3000
# Set this to be the root of your Weave GitOps application

NOTE: The plugin will generate URLs relative to this URL and link to them from the displayed resources.