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Version: 0.38.0

Introduction Enterprise

A GitOpsTemplate enables application developers to self-service components and services easily through the Weave GitOps Dashboard. It's a simple YAML file that you can enrich with parameters, variables, metadata, and conditions.

Use a GitOpsTemplate to template any resource that can be expressed in YAML (basic Kubernetes resources, Flux primitives, Terraform controller, Crossplane, Cluster API, etc.) into a standardised definition.

Application developers can use a template through our GUI. The rendered template is added to their GitOps repository via a pull request. When merged and reconciled, the resources in the template are created. A resource can be a MachinePool for CAPI objects, a Flux Kustomization, or a Terraform Controller resource, to name a few examples.


A GitOpsTemplate must be valid yaml. Beyond this, a rendered template can create any resource you need ✨.

quickstart templates view


GitOpsTemplate or CAPITemplate?

The only difference between CAPITemplate and GitOpsTemplate is the default value of these two annotations:

Annotationdefault value for CAPITemplatedefault value for GitOpsTemplate"true""false""true""false"