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Version: 0.38.0

AWS Marketplace

Weave GitOps is also available via the AWS Marketplace.

The following steps will allow you to deploy the Weave GitOps product to an EKS cluster via a Helm Chart.

These instructions presume you already have installed kubectl, eksctl, helm and the Helm S3 Plugin.

Step 1: Subscribe to Weave GitOps on the AWS Marketplace

To deploy the managed Weave GitOps solution, first subscribe to the product on AWS Marketplace.

Note: it may take ~20 minutes for your Subscription to become live and deployable.

Step 2: Configure an EKS Cluster

If you do not have a cluster on EKS, you can use eksctl to create one.

Copy the contents of the sample file below into cluster-config.yaml and replace the placeholder values with your settings. See the eksctl documentation for more configuration options.

Expand for file contents
kind: ClusterConfig
name: CLUSTER_NAME # Change this
region: REGION # Change this

# This section is required
withOIDC: true
- metadata:
name: wego-service-account # Altering this will require a corresponding change in a later command
namespace: flux-system
roleOnly: true
Version: "2012-10-17"
- Effect: Allow
- "aws-marketplace:RegisterUsage"
Resource: '*'

# This section will create a single Managed nodegroup with one node.
# Edit or remove as desired.
- name: ng1
instanceType: m5.large
desiredCapacity: 1

Create the cluster:

eksctl create cluster -f cluster-config.yaml

Step 3: Fetch the Service Account Role ARN

First retrieve the ARN of the IAM role which you created for the wego-service-account:

# replace the placeholder values with your configuration
# if you changed the service account name from wego-service-account, update that in the command
export SA_ARN=$(eksctl get iamserviceaccount --cluster <cluster-name> --region <region> | awk '/wego-service-account/ {print $3}')

echo $SA_ARN
# should return
# arn:aws:iam::<account-id>:role/eksctl-<cluster-name>-addon-iamserviceaccount-xxx-Role1-1N41MLVQEWUOF

This value will also be discoverable in your IAM console, and in the Outputs of the Cloud Formation template which created it.

Step 4: Install Weave GitOps

Copy the Chart URL from the Usage Instructions in AWS Marketplace, or download the file from the Deployment template to your workstation.

To be able to log in to your new installation, you need to set up authentication. Create a new file values.yaml where you set your username, and a bcrypt hash of your desired password, like so:

create: true
username: <UPDATE>
passwordHash: <UPDATE>

Then install it:

helm install wego <URL/PATH> \
--namespace=flux-system \
--create-namespace \
--set serviceAccountRole="$SA_ARN" \
--values ./values.yaml

Step 5: Check your installation

Run the following from your workstation:

kubectl get pods -n flux-system
# you should see something like the following returned
flux-system helm-controller-5b96d94c7f-tds9n 1/1 Running 0 53s
flux-system kustomize-controller-8467b8b884-x2cpd 1/1 Running 0 53s
flux-system notification-controller-55f94bc746-ggmwc 1/1 Running 0 53s
flux-system source-controller-78bfb8576-stnr5 1/1 Running 0 53s
flux-system wego-metering-f7jqp 1/1 Running 0 53s
flux-system ww-gitops-weave-gitops-5bdc9f7744-vkh65 1/1 Running 0 53s

Your Weave GitOps installation is now ready!