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Version: 0.38.0

Explorer Enterprise


This feature is in alpha and certain aspects will change

We're very excited for people to use this feature. However, please note that changes in the API, behaviour and security will evolve. The feature is suitable to use in controlled testing environments.

As platform engineer or as developer, your applications and platform services will likely span multiple kubernetes clusters or infrastructure components. In order to manage and operate them you require a platform capability that allows you to discover the resources from a single place.

Explorer is that capability that allows any platform user to discover platform resources from a single place across all your kubernetes clusters.



Which journeys would be able to use explorer for?

Explorer is better suited for journeys matching the discovery of resources across the platform resources inventory.

Which journeys would be better using other weave gitops capabilities for?

If you have a particular resources you want to manage, weave gitops offers single resource experience for almost every resource.

Which Kinds does explorer support?

Explorer support all Flux Applications and Sources CRDs

See Supported Kinds for more details.

Next Steps

Now that you know what Explorer is, follow getting started to quickly have a feeling of what Explorer can do for you.