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Version: 0.38.0

Displaying Custom Metadata

Weave GitOps lets you add annotations with custom metadata to your Flux automations and sources, and they will be displayed in the main UI.

For example, you might use this to add links to dashboards, issue systems, or documentation and comments that you wish to be directly visible in the GitOps UI.

We will use the podinfo application that we installed in the getting started guide as an example. Open up the podinfo kustomization and add annotations to it so it looks like this:

kind: Kustomization
name: podinfo
namespace: flux-system
annotations: |
Podinfo is a tiny web application made with Go that showcases best practices of running microservices in Kubernetes.
Podinfo is used by CNCF projects like Flux and Flagger for end-to-end testing and workshops.
interval: 5m0s
path: ./kustomize
prune: true
kind: GitRepository
name: podinfo
targetNamespace: flux-system

Close the file and commit and push your changes.

Back in your GitOps dashboard, navigate to the 'Applications' tab and select the podinfo kustomization. At the bottom of the 'Details' section you will see the new 'Metadata' entries:

Application detail view showing custom metadata

  • The annotation key must start with the domain Any other annotations will be ignored.
  • The key that will be displayed is whatever you put after the domain, title cased, and with dashes replaced with spaces. Above, was displayed as "Grafana Dashboard".
  • The value can either be a link, or can be plain text. Newlines in plain text will be respected.
  • The key is subject to certain limitations that kubernetes imposes on annotations, including:
    • it must be shorter than 63 characters (not including the domain)
    • it must be an English alphanumeric character, or one of -._.
    • See the kubernetes documentation for the full list of restrictions.