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Version: 0.38.0

Running the UI on a Subpath

Running the UI on a subpath

By default, the UI is served on the root path /. It is possible to run the UI on a subpath, for example /weave-gitops. This is useful if you want to run weave-gitops or weave-gitops-enterprise alongside other applications on the same domain.

To run the UI on a subpath, you need to set the --route-prefix flag on the weave-gitops server. For example, if you want to run the UI on /weave-gitops, you can set the flag to --route-prefix=/weave-gitops.

To set the flag we use the additionalArgs field in the spec.values section of the weave-gitops HelmRelease.

- --route-prefix=/weave-gitops


Ingress is a Kubernetes resource that allows you to expose your application to the internet. Please refer to the Kubernetes documentation for more information about a complete Ingress configuration. It often depends on the Kubernetes provider you are using and your particular setup.

The Weave GitOps Helm chart can generate an Ingress resource to integrate with the ingress controller you have configured for your cluster. To enable ingress generation set the ingress.enabled field to true.

  • If you are running the UI on a subpath, you need to set the path field to the same subpath specified in the --route-prefix flag.
  • If you have not set a subpath on the weave-gitops server, set the path in the ingress configration to /.
enabled: true
- host: ""
- path: /wego # set the path to `/` if you have not set the `--route-prefix` flag
pathType: Prefix

See the Helm chart reference for a list of all supported ingress options.